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SLOW WINE - VENA ROSSA Vino Quotidiano 2015

ELLE e LUI - 25 Maggio 2014 ---> Cantine Aperte

Springtime: blooming of Luzzano

What is sure of this Spring is that Luzzano is going to be invased by color. Color everywhere! Firstly you can see all around the blooming of the tulips and of the iris.

VINITALY, Verona 6 - 9 Aprile 2014

Castello di Luzzano @ PROWEIN 2014 (23.-25.03.2014)


It's on line the new website of PIACE DOC- Consorzio Colli Piacentini!

Autumn in Love <3


Week End per 2 people in one of our romantic room at a special price.



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